Why become members of the Association of Manufacturers and Suppliers of Medical Devices? You get a unique opportunity to develop and support your business activities, valuable experience, know-how and the opportunity to meet with colleagues from the field and above all strong support within the framework of legislation and cooperation with the authorities of the Czech Republic.

With membership, each company automatically receives its online catalogue sheet, where it can present its activities and products to help make it more visible. The Association also regularly publishes a printed catalogue of companies , that enjoys great popularity at foreign exhibitions. Last but not least, we hold joint meetings several times a year where you personally get valuable information and you have the unique opportunity to consult and establish new opportunities for cooperation.

Main Benefits of Membership in the Association

We Support Czech Companies

Quality Czech products and services deserve proper growth on the market.

We Help with the Expansion to Foreign Markets

Experience and contacts help companies to succeed on foreign markets.

We Present Our Members at World Ehibitions

Active participation and presentation of members at major trade fairs and exhibitions around the world.

We Support Research and Development

We are part of many research and development processes and teams.

Actively Cooperate with the Ministry of Industry and Trade

We work closely with the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Cooperation with Authorities

Cooperation with Czech Ministries, commenting on amendments, etc.

We Work with Top Doctors

Regular meetings and training with healthcare professionals.

We improve healthcare

We put into practice state-of-the-art technologies and procedures.

Events organized for regular members of the Association

Regularly three times a year, we hold a joint meeting for all member firms. In addition to the classic meetings the Autumn General Meeting is traditionally concluded with a wine-tasting social evening in South Moravian localities, where wine has its own tradition. This event enjoys great popularity among members and offers a unique space for informal meetings and discussions, the transfer of experience and information.

Conditions for entry into the Association

  • A manufacturer or supplier of medical devices may become a member of the Association of Manufacturers and Suppliers of Medical Devices
  • Entry firm must officially operate on the Czech market
  • Each member duly pays an annual membership fee